5 Important Tips To Improve Local SEO For Small Businesses

If you are a small business trying to get business locally in your targetted area, then local SEO for small businesses is a good and effective way to target your audience in a specific area. Search Engine Optimization is essential for every website for ranking on Google and Local SEO is an important part of it.

In today’s world, almost everyone searches online for goods and services. It would be best if you were ready for local search and you will appear in maps too when your business is searched locally by customers. This way, you will have more chances to get more leads, appointment bookings, reach, etc in your local region.

What is Local SEO In Digital Marketing?


Local SEO


Local SEO in Digital Marketing is a part of Search Engine Optimization based on your Geographical Location. It shows searches based on your location. Local SEO is available for any local business online. Any business such as a dentist, a shop, a tailor, a painter, a wholesaler, a supermarket, etc. can be considered into Local Business.

If someone searches for your business online in a nearby area, if you have done your local SEO then your website will show up in the search results and the customer might reach out to you this way. Local SEO is a good way of reaching out to customers in a specific area.

Why do small businesses need local SEO? Importance of Local SEO

Now that many people are relying on Online Information for everything, it is important for a local business to do local SEO because it will give them the exposure they need. This will enable your business to be found locally if someone searches for your product or services locally.

Several small businesses fail to do Local SEO and understand its importance, it is really essential for reaching out to your potential customers and helpful for your customers to find your business. The most crucial reason for Local SEO for business growth is you can get your website up and ready for your customers to see and learn about your latest services, products, and offers.

Local SEO is not only for increasing sales, but you can also increase the traffic to your website and educate your users about your product and services.

These local search results are important for local searches on Google. Your website can be featured on Google Maps, and SERP, based on the local searcher’s search intent and IP Address.

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5 Important Tips To Improve Local SEO For Small Businesses


improve local seo for business

1. Optimize Google My Business

Google My Business is a Business Directory that is owned and managed by Google. Google My Business is a good source by Google for providing more relevant business information about any Business. In order to list your business on Google My Business you simply need to create your account at business.google.com.

Even if you don’t create an account, within a year Google will create a listing for your business online base on your website. The only issue with this automated listing is the information provided will not be accurate and correct. If you have this issue, then claim your business on Google my business and make the relevant changes to your business profile.

Use relevant keywords in your profile to make it Local SEO Friendly just like your website. It is a good practice to use location-centric keywords i.e. keywords with a location for eg: Best Digital Marketing and Web Designing Company In Mumbai

Once you register with Google My Business and Optimize your listing, You need to verify your location. You will get a code on the address you provided to verify that your business exists at that particular location. Once you verify that, you will get a Verification tag on GMB and your business will be available on Local Search.

After you optimize and start getting customers, inform your customers to give you a rating from 1 to 5 stars, whichever they feel is relevant according to their experience. Google Reviews are a trustworthy rating for people searching for your product or services. They mostly go with the reviews and contact you.

2. Fix Technical Errors

Technical Errors on your website will very much affect your indexing on your website. Fixing Technical errors is very important and if your website doesn’t get indexed then it won’t be visible on top of Google Search even locally.

You need to fix technical errors on your website and also make sure that you submit your website to Google Search Console for indexing. Search Console will also help you find issues with your website and fix them. For you to better understand the below resources will guide you:

3. Use Local Keywords: Location-Based Keywords

Location-based keywords also called local keywords are those which are location specific. They mainly focus on generating search results based on geographic location.

  • What do I mean by Location-based keywords or Local keyword SEO?
    For example, if you are having a Tailoring Business in Andheri location then you will focus majorly on getting customers from around your location or business location.
    You will want to use keywords based on your location, such as “Tailors near me”, “Tailors in Andheri”, “Best Tailor in Andheri”, “Ladies Tailor in Andheri”, etc. These keywords will give you results based on the keyword you provided

It helps in gathering customers interested in your business who are searching for you from around your business area. This plays an important role in Local Search Engine Optimization.

4. Add Schema Markup on your website

Add schema Markup on your website for Google to better understand it in detail. This will help Google Search Engine to know more about your website structure and components such as below:

  • Business
  • Number
  • Address
  • Reviews
  • Working hours
  • Area of business, and more

Using Schema Markup plugins you can add schema for your website on WordPress and feature your website in the featured snippets on SERP.

5. Get More Reviews on Google My Business

Google Reviews are one of the best Google Ranking Factors for local businesses. More positive Google Reviews build trust in users and in Google and you will get more visits and customers.

Google’s Algorithm is focused on delivering users the best solution to their problems. Google Reviews will increase your business’s authority based on your customers’ reviews and ratings. This will improve Local SEO for small businesses.


These are the most important tips to consider and not miss the Local SEO Checklist. Go through it carefully and do the needful without fail and scale your business around your locality. We suggest you do not miss any of these points.

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