Google December 2022 Link Spam Update Releasing Now

Google December 2022 Link Spam Update Releasing out now slowly to many websites and it will come into effect fully within a few weeks.  It might take up to two weeks to complete.

What is the Google Link Spam Update December 2022?

Google has confirmed its spam detection update for December 2022. This update will filter out the purchased links and find the domains that are used to pass links to other sites using Google’s AI-Based Spam-Prevetion system, Spam links, and unnatural links.

Googles Spam Detecting called SpamBrain can identify sites selling paid backlinks and websites used for building backlinks specifically.

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Google December 2022 Link Spam Update
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How will the December 2022 Link Spam Update Affect My Website?

The Google December 2022 Link Spam Update says that SERP Rankings might shuffle or change as it freezes the unnatural links.

This update will affect your website based on how you build backlinks and how to create outbound links.

There are strict guidelines by Google for building unnatural backlinks and also has rules about links passed to other websites.

If you are building backlinks using genuine methods and not spamming links on other sites then the December 2022 Link Spam Update will not impact on your website.

How To Save Your Site With Google’s Link Spam Algorithm Update 2022?

  • Do a complete content audit of your website and remove any spam links or links that might harm your website.
  • Write content for users and not only for SEO.
  • Provide value to your users in your content.
  • Do not copy Content from other websites, rephrase it and publish it on your website. This is unethical for Google.
  • Make sure your backlinks are natural and not spammed on other sites.
  • Use the rel=nofollow tag on any Guest Postings on your website.

For reference on this Google’s December Updates visit the Google Link Spam Updates page.


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