How To Remove Noindex Tag In WordPress Website 2023

What is Noindex Tag in WordPress?

Before we get into how to remove noindex tag in WordPress website, let’s first understand what is Noindex tag. The “noindex” tag is a meta tag that can be used in a WordPress website to instruct search engines not to index a specific page or post. This is useful when a page or post contains sensitive information that you don’t want to be accessible in search results, or if a page is still in development and you don’t want it to appear in search results until it’s complete.

The noindex tag is inserted into the HTML source code of a page or post and can be done through the use of a plugin or by manually adding it to the header section of the page or post. It’s important to note that the use of the noindex tag does not guarantee that a page won’t be indexed by search engines, but it’s a strong suggestion that they shouldn’t index it.

How To Remove Noindex Tag In WordPress Website

Step 1: Go to WordPress Dashboard and hover on Settings > Reading

Step 2: Uncheck the box that says “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”

Step 3: Click save. Done

How to fix submitted URL marked Noindex error in Search Console?

To fix this issue, follow the above steps on How to remove noindex tag in WordPress website. and then go to search console and submit the website again and do a live test. Then click on request indexing and your website will be live on Google’s search engine.

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