What Are The Most Important Google Ranking Factors?


In search of Gold, we are losing Diamonds. In search for Backlinks and Content, bloggers are not focusing at times on what are the most important Google Ranking Factors. People usually focus mostly on Content and backlinks and think that is the only thing that helps them rank on Google. But no, that is not true. Your article can rank on Google SERP even with fewer backlinks.

Quality Content and Backlinks are also Google Ranking Factors, but other than these, there are more factors that affect Ranking. So What are the ranking factors apart from these?

What are the most important Google ranking factors?

The factors that are affecting Google’s Ranking are as follows:

Google ranking factors

1. Mobile-Friendly Website Structure

Having a mobile-friendly website structure is an important Google ranking factor because almost 80% of the traffic on the is obtained from mobile devices. Mobile users find it easy to read if the page is designed to be mobile-friendly. So Google checks the mobile-friendliness of the page while indexing.

You can do a mobile-friendly test using this Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. Google gives preference to mobile-friendly sites over non-mobile-friendly sites. So go through the tool and do a mobile-friendly test and make changes according to the results.

2. Page Speed

website page speed

Website Page Speed needs to be fast enough to open on a device, especially a mobile device. If the page speed is slow, users will back off when your page takes time to load and go to another website. This in turn increases the bounce rate of the website and this drops the ranking as well.  Also, the slower your website loads, the more you will lose on traffic and revenue.

You can do a Page Speed Test with this Googe Page Speed Insights Tool. This is one of the most important Google Ranking Factors. Once you do a page speed test, you will know what are the issues and what needs to be done. You will get all the details in the results. Do it accordingly and reduce the page speed. Also, connect it with a CDN like Cloudflare.

3. Domain Authority

Having a high Domain Authority will help Google to build trust on your website. Google will index your content faster as well if you have a high DA. MOZ has an authority ranking score for domains from 0 to 100. These give you a fair idea as well about what your rank of the website is and how quickly it can rank. You need to create quality backlinks with low spam scores and a good amount of traffic.

How to Increase Domain Authority Faster?

Creating Do-Follow Backlinks from websites that have High Authority will help you increase the DA PA of the website. For High increasing DA PA, you need to do the following:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Profile creations
  • Article Submissions
  • Guest Postings
  • PDF Submissions
  • Image Submissions
  • Video Submissions

4. Search Intent

If you are thinking What are the most important Google ranking factors, then you should definitely not miss this. Search Intent is the most important for users to think that this content is relevant to what they are searching for. The title and description of your article or page should be according to the user’s search intent.

In order to write a proper title and description, search for the keyword you want to rank for on google. See what results you get and check the first 5 websites on the SERP. See what they have written in the title and description and make something similar including your keyword. Do not copy the same as them. This will help you to create SEO Friendly titles and descriptions and also match your Search Intent.

5. Keyword Optimization

You need to do proper keyword research on what content you are going to write. If possible try avoiding generic keywords for example if you are writing content for backlink analysis, then don’t use focus keywords like “backlink analysis, backlink checking, backlink” etc, these will be too generic for your content to rank especially if your website is new.

Instead, go for focus keywords like – “How to do backlink analysis? How to check your website backlinks? How to increase backlinks on the website?” etc. These types of keywords are called long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords are those keywords that have more than 3 words in them. These type of keywords will help you to rank faster and drive traffic.

How to do keyword optimization on an article or a page?

  • Add the focus Keyword at the beginning of the title
  • Use the keyword in the first paragraph of the content.
  • Make sure not to do keyword stuffing in the middle of the content.
  • Use keywords in the middle of content once or twice but do not forcefully add it or it will be counted as keyword stuffing.
  • Use the keyword in the H2 and H3 if possible.
  • A good keyword optimization practice is to use it in the URL.
  • Write an amazing meta description with the keyword that will tempt the users to click on it.

These are the points you need to keep in mind while writing SEO-friendly content.

6. Technical SEO

Technical SEO

We have seen how website SEO structure will help in SEO optimization, likewise, Technical SEO of the particular content is also important. There are some points to consider in terms of Technical SEO of the page or content:

  • Use the keyword in the Meta Title and make it catchy
  • Write a catchy Meta Description with a keyword and keep it short. It should be under 160 characters.
  • Add Internal and external links wherever necessary.
  • Add ALT tags to images on the page. This will help Google to understand what the image is about.
  • Use Schema Markup for the page. This will help Google to understand what type of content you have created.
  • Use H2, and H3 to give your website a proper content structure which will help to show content hierarchy.

These points will make your technical SEO intact and help google index properly.


Having HTTPS is a security factor for your website because it encrypts data from your website and the user’s browser. You need to make sure of your website’s security. Google confirmed in 2014 that HTTPS is also a ranking signal. So if you don’t have an SSL Certificate for your website, you need to update it now from your hosting panel.

You can also buy good hosting that provides fast servers, free SSL for a lifetime, and unlimited domains at affordable prices. Check Hostgator, and Hostinger for good and powerful hosting that will load your website faster and handle any amount of traffic without crashing.

I hope you found these factors helpful. Your question -What are the most important Google ranking factors, is ready with solutions for you? Now you can relax and do the required changes. Also check our 100% Free SEO tools for more analysis.


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